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Natural Stone

Natural Stone

Leave the honing, polishing, repair, care, and maintenance of your marble, travertine, limestone, slate, granite, and other types of natural stone in our experienced hands...
Travertine Restoration Philadelphia

Engineered Stone

Holes filled and then re-honed and re-polished to blend with the surrounding area. Cleaning and sealing. Custom finishing, and more to keep your travertine looking like new...
Terrazzo Floor Polishing Philadelphia


Our process will produce a beautiful shine that lasts and lasts without topical coatings. Effortless maintenance. No harsh chemicals. No more stripping and waxing...


Our highly trained concrete polishing technicians can prep your floor using diamond pads and chemical densifiers, then stain, polish and finish according to your specifications...
Tile & Grout Cleaning Philadelphia

Tile & Grout

Our professional system will deep clean your tile and grout surfaces to remove dirt and embedded contaminants. Sealing or Color Sealing will inhibit future staining...


We provide a wide range of residential and commercial metal refinishing services, using high-performance, EPA compliant, low VOC coatings that won’t trap dirt or turn yellow...


It goes without saying that the way your facility looks is a reflection on you. That’s why we provide expert services, such as surface repair, refinishing, and restoration, sealing and protection, deep cleaning and sanitizing, and more, for a wide range of surfaces, including marble, travertine, limestone, terrazzo, slate, granite, tile and grout, concrete, vinyl and linoleum, and metal.But we also know that your concerns go beyond how your floors and surfaces look. Our expert solutions address your unique requirements including minimizing slip and fall hazards, stain and odor prevention, antimicrobial treatments, low VOC requirements, and reduced maintenance costs.

Our specialty is marble polishing and refinishing natural stone, but we do so much more. Feel free to explore our site to learn more about our services, or if your prefer, just contact us for a free consultation and estimate. We can help you choose the best possible solutions for your specific needs and budget.


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