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Restoring marble and stone since 1985

Your floors and surfaces are in expert hands.

    • Natural Stone
      Marble is such an elegant stone. But marble that is dirty or dull-looking, scratched, etched, cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged, can really diminish how your family, guests or patrons feel in your home or business. If your marble has seen better days, don’t replace it! Classic Marble and Stone Restoration can restore your marble, not just improving its appearance, but making it look as good as the day it was installed and restoring the striking and welcoming essence to your space.

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    • Engineered Stone
      We repair worn, damaged engineered stone products, also known as quartz surface, such as Cambria, LG Viatera, Zodiaq, and countless others often found in baths and kitchens.

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    • Terrazzo
      Perhaps you are considering other flooring options because of the amount of time and effort needed to get your terrazzo looking decent, not to mention the money you spend on expensive stripping, cleaning, and waxing products. Before you invest in covering your terrazzo, consider having it restored instead. Imagine your terrazzo restored to its mid-century modern glory with a natural finish that is oh-so-easy to maintain. When we say easy, we mean it. No more stripping and waxing! Just a quick sweep and a damp mop.

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    • Concrete
      Unlike concrete covered with waxes or coatings that become scratched and trap dirt, our concrete restoration processes give your concrete a natural polish. By getting rid of the coatings once and for all, your concrete will no longer peel or flake and will be much easier to maintain. With our concrete polishing services, you can do away with the stripping and waxing altogether and save yourself a lot of time, effort, and money.

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    • Tile and Grout
      Many tile and grout floors that appear to be in very poor condition just need a good heavy-duty cleaning to remove dirt, grime, bacteria, allergens, and other contaminants from the surface of the tiles and from within the pores of the grout lines. We also provide sealing and color sealing services so your floors can stay looking great between professional cleanings.

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    • Metal
      We provide a wide range of residential and commercial metal refinishing services, using high-performance, EPA compliant, low VOC coatings that won’t trap dirt or turn yellow.

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Our work doesn’t just reflect your image, it reflects ours.

expert care for all your stone, tile, terrazzo, and concrete


We're one step ahead of the competition when it comes to making residential, commercial, and industrial floors look brand new again. From marble polishing, repairing chips and cracks in granite, and filling holes in travertine, to tile and grout deep cleaning and sealing, to concrete polishing, we are your floor care experts. Our floor maintenance services will keep your floors looking great for years and years.


We restore the natural beauty of your marble, granite, and other natural stone countertops, island tops, vanity tops, table tops, bar tops, and more in kitchens, baths, and outdoor entertaining areas. From cleaning and sealing to repairing chips and cracks to giving your countertops a beautiful honed or polished finish, our skilled craftsmen can achieve the look you want.

Baths and Showers

Our deep cleaning services flush out dirt and grime from tile surfaces and grout lines. From repairing damage like chips and cracks to replacing broken tiles or old caulk, our expert technicians can restore a brand new look to your tub surrounds, shower walls, and other stone and tile bathroom surfaces. We can seal, enhance, and protect your ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone baths and showers.