Marble and natural stone

For centuries, marble and natural stone have been used in the design of great homes and exquisite architecture. Often marble was found in an unpolished or honed condition. Marble's durability and ease of maintenance made it a highly sought after material that required minimal care. Sweeping and mopping of the marble were generally all that was necessary for regular upkeep.

In time, the beauty of marble, and other natural stones, was realized, bringing with it the advent of highly polished marble. Having a glass-like finish to the marble added an elegance that is now popular today. The brilliant look to the marble does require more maintenance than honed or non-polished marble. Daily foot traffic will wear scuff patterns in the marble or limestone floor.

You see, just walking across a polished marble or limestone floor can dull the shine and give the floor a poorly maintained appearance. The good news is that these dull areas can be eliminated with proper marble restoration methods.

Regular polishing of marble floors will maintain the shine that creates elegance to the stone. Hiring a professional marble care expert is best when caring for your fine stone. While there are many techniques used, the best system begins by utilizing industrial diamonds to polish the marble. Diamonds are to marble, what sand paper is to wood. Much like the grits of sand paper, there are different levels of marble polishing diamonds. Coupling marble diamonds with the appropriate polishing powder and an expert marble care technician, will give you the beautiful marble or limestone floor you want.

Before using any cleaning or polishing solutions on your marble floor, consider contacting Classic Marble & Stone Restoration. When you invest in your marble or limestone, you will enjoy it's magnificence for years to come

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