Travertine restoration

Travertine is a unique stone that comes in many different finishes. Travertine is either filled or unfilled. What this means is that travertine naturally has holes that run throughout the stone. Some travertine owners like the rustic, natural look of unfilled travertine, while others prefer the sleek, uniform appearance of filled travertine, which is exactly what it sounds like — the holes are filled giving the stone a smooth finish.

With time and use, travertine can become dirty, dull-looking, scratched, etched, cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged. Many home and business owners see the poor condition of their travertine and assume they'll have to come up with a hefty chunk of change to replace it. We've got great news for you. Travertine can be restored, not just to look better, but to look brand new again.

Classic Marble and Stone Restoration provides expert interior and exterior travertine services for homes, apartments, condos, offices and other commercial properties, warehouses, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and more – virtually anywhere travertine has been installed. We provide a full range of travertine care and maintenance services, from minor services like having your travertine floors polished to major services like a complete travertine floor repair and restoration.

Grinding Uneven Travertine Tiles

Uneven tiles pose a trip-and-fall hazard. With our travertine grinding service, your floors not only look better, but are safer. Travertine floors that are flattened so that tiles are even with grout lines are easier to clean than traditional travertine floors. We can provide this service for you, giving your floors a uniform, monolithic appearance. Once we grind your travertine floor to the level and shape want, we hone and polish it to perfection.

Travertine Refinishing, Honing, and Polishing

If you don't absolutely love the finish of your travertine, we can help. Perhaps it is too dull or too shiny. We can achieve the exact finish you want. If you have a new floor with some tiles that look more glossy than others, we can even out the finish.

Wear patterns, scratches, and spots can be virtually erased with travertine honing, and etches disappear with our travertine etch removal services. Honing results in a soft matte finish. We can add shine and achieve a beautiful semi-gloss or a glass-like polish for your travertine using the appropriate diamonds and polishing powders.

Your Travertine Cleaned and Sealed

Cleaning and sanitizing are important for all types of travertine, but especially important for unfilled travertine, because dirt, grime, bacteria, allergens, and other contaminants can become trapped in the holes. We provide professional deep cleaning services, using stone-safe cleaners that are highly-effective.

We highly recommend following a travertine deep-cleaning service with our travertine sealing services. Sealing gives travertine floors, showers, tub surrounds, walls, and other travertine surfaces resistance against stains and discoloration. Travertine stain removal can be time consuming and expensive. Sealing your stone just makes good sense.

Travertine Stain Removal

Most travertine stains can be removed, and the original finish of your travertine can be restored, free from stains and discolorations. Our skilled technicians are trained in poultice applications and other stain removal methods.

Travertine Enhancing

The varied natural veining and coloring of travertine can be enhanced using special sealers. If you want your travertine to have a little extra pop and pizzaz, ask about our travertine enhancing services.

Travertine Repairs

Classic Marble and Stone Restoration can repair chips, cracks, and other damage, blending the repair site with the surrounding area. We follow up with honing and polishing to match the existing finish of your travertine floor, countertop or other surface.

We Replace Travertine Tiles

Our highly-trained craftsman can, in many cases, remove tile that is damaged beyond repair, without damaging neighboring tiles, and then install a new tile in its place. Unfortunately, replacement tiles are noticeably different. We grind, hone, and polish the new tile, making it level with the surrounding area and matching the finish as closely as possible.

Travertine Grout Restoration

If your travertine has grout lines that require professional attention, we provide a full range of grout services. We can clean, restore, and repair existing grout, or regrout, if necessary.

Maintaining Travertine

Regular cleaning and janitorial services are valuable for simple, day-to-day care of travertine floors. But over time, their processes leave floors with grout lines that just won't come clean, shiny scratches, and increasingly obvious traffic patterns. As these problems develop, you become more and more dissatisfied with the appearance of the floors until it's time for another round of professional restoration. With our regularly scheduled maintenance program, your floors can look great all the time, without the need for periodic restoration.

We also recommend care products to keep your travertine looking its best.

For a free estimate on travertine cleaning, travertine refinishing, and travertine repair in the Philadelphia and Delaware Valley area, use our online contact form or call (610) 356-4100 today.